Nova magazine was published between March 1965 to October 1975. Considered to be a groundbreaking magazine in terms of content and design. The magazine was radical in it’s approach to female liberation which led the publication to have more male readers than women. The influential magazine, although short-lived, was another fitting platform for Duffy’s experimental and cutting-edge fashion works.

Launching in the peak of the swinging sixties the magazine was definitely a forerunner for the later UK Cosmopolitan magazine but took influence from the graphically and visually adventurous Town, Queen and French Elle magazines that were prominent at the time as well as the German magazine “Twen.

Duffy shot multiple fashion and editorial features for Nova from as early as 1968. One of which was the iconic “How to Undress For Your Husband” featuring Amanda Lear and the red Panton chair. In 1971 Duffy did the covers for April, May and December issues.

This selection of vintage Nova magazines has been collected and scanned by The Duffy Archive to show Duffy’s work in period. Many of these magazines contain Duffy’s lost works. It is our intention to share these magazines respective of the additional authors that may be involved. Content has been removed to only show the articles containing Duffy’s works although advertisements, brands, and additional imagery belongs to their respective copyright holders.